Opportunity exists to transform your destination, by introducing safe adventure tourism experiences. Whether you’re looking to revitalise your location or give it an edge, we have a suite of adventure tourism experiences proven to be successful in diverse markets.

What we deliver

Partnering with Bungy New Zealand Ventures will deliver you:

  • More visitors
  • Broader visitor appeal through the opportunity to participate in a range of adventure tourism experiences
  • Enhanced revenue and return on investment
  • Increased profile, media coverage and presence

We also bring our proprietary systems and technologies, specifically developed for the adventure tourism industry and proven in our own operations. These include:

  • Integrated website and booking systems
  • Incident reporting and maintenance management software
  • Photo and video systems
  • CCTV oversight and audits
  • Customer survey and reporting
  • Market evaluation and reporting systems
  • Call centre bot and customer support
  • Mechanical intellectual property and safety equipment systems
  • Sales training programs
  • Cultural management programs

No matter what the challenge, we can deliver experiences for excitement, enhanced earnings and value add to your destination.

Safety is paramount in everything we do. We have a proven safety record over more than 35 years of operation. Our proven adventure tourism systems, expertise and reputation mean your destination will be equipped with the most advanced safety offering available.

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How we work

Our process begins with a consultancy phase in which we undertake an extensive Venture Viability Study to explore all aspects of the opportunity for adventure tourism experiences at the destination. Depending on the outcome of the study and the priorities identified, we have flexible ways of working, to suit the type of partnership that meets your needs.

Operational Partnership

If you’re looking for a full-service adventure tourism solution, Bungy New Zealand Ventures can design and activate the destination and manage operations under our own brand.

Consultation Partnership

For those looking to manage the operations themselves, we’re happy to act as architects of the design, and guide you through the project development, providing our technology, systems, and training under a licensing agreement so that the site owner can eventually operate the destination independently. We are also open to consulting on any future projects you may have in the pipeline.