Nevis Playground

This is for those who want to take it to the next level, and then another 30 or so levels after that. This is the black run. The infamous. The ultimate. Complete with a 134 metre, nail-biter of a Bungy and one of the world’s biggest Swings and a human Catapult that will send it, this is a rush you need to try.

There are three awesome experiences visitors can enjoy when visiting the Nevis Playground.


Welcome to the best thing you've ever done. Don't say we didn't warn you, because this is definitely going to put the cement in your coffee. Go full throttle with our 134metre Bungy (the highest in Australasia). Free fall over 8 seconds in a blitz of full fear and adrenaline.


Introducing the most famous Swing in the World, and we don't say that lightly. It's big, and it's bad. If you think this is easy then we look forward to hearing you scream. You'll complete a 300 metre arc, bellowing at the top of your lungs.


Get ready for an insane ride on the biggest and most extreme catapult in the world! You’ll be propelled 150m up and out across the Nevis Valley, experiencing up to 3Gs of force at speeds of almost 100kms an hour in 1.5 seconds flat. A hair-raising drop will have your blood pumping and you’ll be screaming for another hit! There’s a reason our crew dub it the Thriller!